Frequently Asked Questions

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We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.
If your question isn’t answered or you need more information please feel free to contact us.

What are wall stickers?

Wall stickers are an exciting and convenient way to decorate your walls, they are easy to remove and don’t leave any sticky residue making them perfect for rented accommodation. They are also known as wall decals, wall transfers, or more commonly wall art.

What are they made of?

Our wall stickers are made from a special type of vinyl with a premium matte finish, the unique properties of this material make the finished wall art look just as though it has been painted onto the wall, because it adopts the texture of the surface it has been applied to. The pressure activated adhesive also ensures that they’re easy to apply, last for years and years – and ensure they’re easy to remove again when the time comes.

Do they have a background?

No they don’t. Our wall stickers are custom designed, cut from colour cast vinyl, hand burnished and then prepared with an application layer. This produces a wall sticker that can be transferred onto your wall with absolutely no background or clear borders.

Many cheap wall stickers found in shops and supermarkets do have a clear background. These are not hand made vinyl wall stickers like ours – they’re just printed acetate stickers. They peel at the corners, scratch off and fade quickly, and generally only stay stuck for a few months.

Are they easy to apply?

Yes! We try to make our wall stickers as easy to apply as possible by using the best application tape available and keeping fresh stock that hasn’t had a long shelf life.

Every effort is made to keep the application process easy and enjoyable, please note some designs may require assembling on your wall but as long as you take your time, enjoy the process and don’t try and rush it – there won’t be any problems.

We also provide detailed instructions with every order, assembly instructions if required and we’re always here to help if you need us. We can provide troubleshooting tips and advice if you get stuck and we also provide free replacement pieces or sections if you have any accidents or make any mistakes during the application.

Where can they be applied?

Our wall stickers can be applied to any surface as long as it’s relatively smooth and flat. These include painted walls, tiled or plastered walls, smooth concrete walls, wood, metal, plastic and glass. Please remember to wait up to 6 weeks after decorating your wall before applying a decal. We do have materials that can be used on heavily textured surfaces or for use outside, please contact us for more information.

Where can’t they be applied?

We do not recommend using our wall stickers on walls prone to damp or near a heat source. We also don’t recommend applying them to any surface that is extremely rough, textured or uneven. This includes textured wallpaper such as wood chip, bare bricks or natural stone and slate. We don’t recommend using our wall decals on wallpaper or any poor surfaces such as old paintwork that shows signs of deterioration.

Can they be used on any type of paint or wallpaper?

Our wall stickers will stick to most brands of standard matt paint however we don't reccomend them for use with wallpaper. This is because they are transferred onto the wall with a sticky application sheet, which can cause damage to your wallpaper when removing it.

Also some types of paint can be tricky for wall stickers, such as any gloss, silk or ‘special effect’ paints - these can cause problems and we strongly reccomend you try a small sticker or a sample pack first.

Lastly please be aware that wall stickers may not properly adhere to the new ‘wipe clean’ paints, or any paint that is Zero Voc, Voc Free, Endurance+ and some newer types of Satin.

Please purchase a sample pack to check they will stick before you place your order if you have any concerns or are unsure what type of paint has been used. The cost of your sample pack will be refunded when you place an order valued over £30.

Can they be stuck on fresh painted walls?

We strongly recommend that you wait at least 3 weeks after painting, preferably 4-6 weeks if possible.

This is because most paints need time to achieve their full strength and durability (also known as time to “cure”) and while it’s doing this, the paint is ‘off-gassing’. Just because it feels dry to the touch doesn’t mean it has cured. The time the paint takes to cure depends on many varying factors and if you attempt to apply your stickers before it has fully cured – you risk damaging the paintwork or permanently spoiling the sticker with air bubbles and peeling edges.

Can wall stickers be stored for use at a later date?

Because wall stickers have a pressure activated adhesive we strongly recommend that you apply your wall stickers as soon as you receive them. If you wish to store the sticker for use later, or if you’ve just painted your walls and you need to wait for them to cure – we strongly recommend they are used within 2 months and that when storing the sticker please avoid putting them next to radiators, in direct sunlight or in a damp cold cupboard. The best place to keep it is simply by the wall where it will be applied.

Can wall stickers be washed?

Our wall stickers can be easily cleaned using baby wipes or a lightly damp cloth – wipe gently and slowly, avoid rubbing to hard and do not use cleaning chemicals or bleach as this will likely cause damage to the sticker or even your wall.

Can wall stickers be removed?

Our wall stickers are made from a special vinyl that has a removable adhesive, the easiest and most effective way of removing our wall stickers is by gently heating them with a hair dryer – this will soften the adhesive so that you can carefully remove it from the wall.

Can wall stickers be moved or re-used?

No. Our wall stickers are not re-position-able and are strictly for one use only.

What if you damage a wall sticker or make a mistake?

Don’t worry! We can usually send out replacement pieces for you completely free of charge. Because our wall stickers don’t have a background or clear border like cheaper stickers – you can cut them up to make applying them even easier and minimise the risk of damaging the whole design.

Please note: If you throw away your wall sticker we cannot refund you. The sticker must be returned to us before a refund can be issued.